Recommend Some Positive Podcasts To Those Going Through These Issues

29 September 2018
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

It can be difficult to watch someone you care about struggling with an issue in his or her life. While you may want to intervene in an effort to help, you might have no idea about where to start. Some people are more open to getting help than others, and if you get this vibe from your family member or friend, you may have an opportunity to help this person move forward. One way that you can do so is by recommending some positive podcasts that relate to his or her situation. There are many different positive podcasts that can be applicable to people in all sorts of situations, including the following.

Financial Woes

When someone is in financial turmoil, it can often seem impossible to escape. While your recommendation of a few podcasts that focus on helping the listener to adopt a positive mindset — and perhaps some podcasts that give financial advice, too — won't necessarily lead to overnight financial changes, they can instill some constructive habits in the person you know. For example, the person may shift into the mindset of developing more of a positive attitude about saving money, rather than viewing this concept as stale or boring.

Relationship Troubles

There's a good chance that you know someone who is experiencing relationship troubles, and positive podcasts can help. Someone who has just gotten out of a relationship, for example, will often feel badly about himself or herself. Listening to a positive podcast can help this person to rebuild his or her self esteem so that dating becomes easier in the future. Someone who may be dealing with a spouse who treats him or her poorly may use the podcasts that you recommend to help augment his or her self worth enough to leave the relationship.

Lack Of Career Direction

Experience a career-related lack of direction can be extremely discouraging for someone you know, especially as the years drag by. Such an individual may feel incapable of ever finding a job that he or she enjoys — until he or she begins to listen to some positive podcasts. There are many inspirational messages in podcasts that listeners can apply to their careers. For example, someone may hear an uplifting story about someone who struggled in his or her own career until being able to successfully identify his or her talents, and then take the leap to find a dream job.