Does Your Child Dislike Going To Daycare? 3 Reasons Why A Switch To Montessori Learning Can Change Their Mind

13 July 2020
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

For many families, going to a childcare program isn't a choice since parents often need to work. You may also know that attending early learning programs is essential for your child's growth and development. While you understand the benefits of going to a group setting each day, your child may be less than thrilled. Children often find certain types of daycare programs to be less than hospitable to their needs, and your child may need a change to help them find joy in learning. When your child cries or refuses to get ready for their day, then it is worth exploring these benefits of going to a Montessori program for changing their attitude.

Place Them in a Calm, Respectful Environment

It doesn't take long to feel stressed out in certain daycare centers. Whether your child dislikes the noise level in their current center or has had a few run-ins with children with poor behavior, they'll find a Montessori classroom to be calmer. Child-led talk is encouraged within the classroom, but it is kept at a happy hum that isn't disruptive to learning. Social skills are an ongoing part of Montessori lessons, and they include showing children how to respect people and their environment. Your child will feel more comfortable and in control when they know that conflicts are readily addressed through methods that help kids express themselves safely.

Let Them Learn at Their Own Pace

Some children feel pressured to perform above their developmental level in a group environment. Others feel bored or stifled by a program that doesn't offer enough stimulation. Montessori programs use an individualized approach to learning that fits children's needs better than a group-based lesson plan. Your child will still participate in group activities such as listening to a teacher-led story, but they'll also have opportunities to engage in activities that are planned specifically to target their needs. 

Cultivate an Interest in Learning With More Freedom

Young children often balk at rigid schedules and lesson plans that aren't developmentally appropriate. Freedom is a major component of the Montessori philosophy. In a childcare center that is based upon this approach, teachers set up the classroom for safe exploration. Instead of being forced to sit in one spot for hours, your child is encouraged to move throughout the classroom as they engage in meaningful activities. When your child feels free to explore, they'll be more excited to see what they'll do at their learning center each day.

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